I am a courageous truth-telling creatress. An unapologetically proud Black queer femme feminist woman. Daughter of a single mother. Eldest of three sisters. Committed to the wellness, creativity and reproductive justice of women and girls of color.

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Family come join us for the 1st Inaugural event of BeatBox Botanicals, Harriet’s Apothecary, a village of Black Women, Queer and trans healers coming together to nurture and cultivate your body’s intuitive wisdom. Come receive sliding scale, body affirming, love-drenched potions, prescriptions, and customized services to restore and expand your body’s abilities to heal and to love.


Black Women’s Blueprint

279 Empire Boulevard

Brooklyn, NY
RSVP email beatboxbotanicals@gmail.com

Check the Facebook event page for updates.

The intention of Harriet’s Apothecary is to continue the rich healing legacy of Harriet Tubman. We intend to expand access to health and healing resources that support POC Women, Queer and Trans folks in their healing journeys and connect individuals and communities to accessible self and community based resources that are rooted in the wisdom of our bodies, our ancestors and our plant families.

This is an intentional space for self-identified POC/Indigenous/Mixed race Women, Queer and Trans folk and the allies that love them.

Adaku Utah 
Beatrice Anderson
Jasmine Burems 
Naima Penniman 
Taja Lindley 
Sherley Accime 
Dimitrea Tokumbo 
Che Rene Long 
Sokhna Mabin
Tonya Abernathy
Khane Khutzwell

Thai Yoga Massage 
Nutritional Counseling 
Somatics Healing 
Sacred Divination Face Painting 
Healing Haircutz
Mindfulness meditation 

Described as textiles-meet-modern dance, performance artist Nick Cave’s colorful, larger-than-life sculptures have been displayed in museums and many of the Soundsuits have been worn by Cave and other professional dancers as part of performances. The Soundsuits consist of a wide variety of materials and are designed to make noise as the wearer moves.